Kathy Garfield

I'm interested in how to leverage digital and social media to build communities and advocacy for brands. It may seem as though I spend an inordinate amount of time scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard and Instagram feed, browsing my subscriptions on YouTube and pinning dream wardrobes and interiors on Pinterest, but I find it helps me stay in-the-know in an ever-changing social landscape.

You can check out what inspires me over on tumblr, hear my take on social media over on the Socialnomics blog and follow my day-to-day thoughts (with the occasional glee commentary) on twitter.

Some of my favorite moments over the past few years include meeting Lady Gaga, Lea Michele (my idol) and wonderful YouTubers like Kandee Johnson, and Michael Buckley.

Things I love: Karaoke, a good banh mi sandwich, Downton Abbey, #OITNB, Inside Amy Schumer, Jenna Marbles & Shane Dawsone YouTube videos, Jerome Jarre snapchat stories, Logan Paul vines and Nestle Aero Mint.