Katrina M. Harrell

Wholeness - not perfection - is the ultimate life goal using self-discovery and exploration as your vehicle.
We are all born with wisdom - we simply lose access to it. My life work has been about regaining access to mine and guiding others to chiseling away the walls of “gunk” that has hidden them from their true life calling.

Inside my life vehicle, I use my voice, gifts, and art to express and teach - as these are my calling. Using mediums such as entrepreneurship, spoken word, culinary arts, deep self and spiritual-exploration and authorship as my tool kit to educate and share with others. #SoulLiberation and #Wholeness therefore is a way of life particularly to support the economic advancement for low-income women.

I'm a neo-hippie. I'm a Washington, DC native, and southern girl at heart.

I used to fake being "normal" (you know - college graduate, corporate ladder, workaholic entrepreneur). Only to carry the truth of who I am on my body through obesity and a stifled, unfulfilled, frustrated, life. Not today...today, I'm Emancipated. Through a journey I call Soul Discovery.

I've served as founder of brands and organizations that support underserved entrepreneurs. I write bestselling books like "How She Got Free", and "Surviving Shocking Situations". I speak internationally and co-host the only spiritual business retreat for women...ever.

My work has been featured in major publications such as Black Enterprise, PBS, MyBrownBaby.com, and others.