Joey Katzen is an entrepreneur and attorney whose expertise has been instrumental in the founding and growth of multiple Inc-500 companies. Also an engineer, lit graduate, and art director, Joey's background has provided him a range of tools to harness the tactical and strategic tasks required of a young technology company.

Before graduating Georgia Tech in 2003, Joey cut his teeth with a number of Atlanta-area startup companies and founded the Tech-oriented portal, which counted over a third of the student body as weekly users. There he utilized innovative gonzo marketing for mass awareness, and researched and targeted his audience to retain advertisers. He went on to act as the lead designer for Atlanta-based BroadSource.

While earning his law degree at the University of Virginia, Joey served as an initial member of the 2004 founding team of Atlanta-based Vendormate. There he oversaw a considerable amount of startup work, helping to distill the team’s creative ideas into viable and marketable concepts, developing workflow and technical requirements, and again overseeing the flagship product’s interface architecture.

After briefly practicing law, he began consulting with young and growing companies, including DC-based commercial real-estate software company Roomtag, where his role quickly expanded to that of CEO at the suggestion of prospective investors. As head of the 15-person Roomtag team, he gained substantial experience managing operational staff and product teams (including those offshore in Russia and India), developing business plans including financial forecasts and dashboards, and planning for scale.

Presently in the afterglow of a one-year excursion to Oahu, Hawaii, Joey is now a member of the founding team of Atlanta-based KidsLink, serving as its Chief Product Officer in addition to managing various aspects of strategy, marketing, growth, operations, and fundraising for the company as it builds the "app for moms".