Kayla Rocca

Kayla Rocca, 25, is a Toronto photographer and actor. She left her hometown of Brights Grove to study fine and performing arts. After receiving her honours degree in Theatre, Kayla and her camera travelled the globe. She has travelled to Europe, Central America, Africa, South East Asia, The Caribbean and all over North America. She has photographed for Toronto Life, The Grid, ACQ Taste Magazine, FASHION Magazine, The Drake Hotel, 1LOVET.O., Filler Magazine and many more. She was this years offical Torontlife.com photographer for the Toronto International Film Festival 2013, is currently is a nightlife photographer for Charton Hobbs Canada and a street-style photographer for Kit Magazine. She is currently the resident photographer and content contributor at Maderas Village in Nicaragua. Kayla is passionate about life and is a sucker for beauty! She loves adventure and is excited to see where her camera and acting career take her next.