Kenneth  Berger

I build products people love. My passion is driving the creation and delivery of great experiences through understanding people and the products they use.

I’m a seasoned product leader with a background in product management, design, and M&A at Adobe. Before Slack I co-founded YesGraph and built it from a nascent idea to a launched product in active usage by companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, and others. And I'm as proud of the team I built there as I am the product.

I’ve taken a diverse set of products from concept to launch. I've done everything from growing brand new services (YesGraph, Kuler) to perfecting industry standards (Dreamweaver, Omniture acquisition) to turning niche successes into mass market hits (Typekit & PhoneGap acquisitions).

I'm technical but I prefer social problems: how to learn from your customers, partners and peers; how to create a positive and productive culture; how to build sustainable business models; how to recruit and inspire a team.