I've spent more than two decades in science publishing as an editor, author, and now publisher. I'm the founding editor of Nature Genetics and Bio-IT World, and the author of three books, most recently THE $1,000 GENOME.

After degrees from Oxford University and the University of London, I moved to the United States 25 years ago. I moved into science publishing in 1990, joining the editorial staff of Nature magazine. I've also worked at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Cell Press, where I was the editorial director. I'm currently VP Business Development at the American Chemical Society and publisher of Chemical & Engineering News.

I'm the author of three books: BREAKTHROUGH (1995, co-authored with Michael White); CRACKING THE GENOME (2000) -- published in the UK as THE SEQUENCE and translated into 15 languages; and most recently, THE $1,000 GENOME (Free Press, 2010).

I served as the genetics consultant on the 2012 film Decoding Annier Parker, starring Helen Hunt and Samantha Morton.

I'm represented by Jen Gates at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth and the Harry Walker Agency.

A video of one of my lectures on the $1,000 Genome (February 2014) is here. I also spoke at the April 2013 NIH symposium marking the 10th anniversary of the Human Genome Project: that video is here.