Keith Morris

Musician and entrepreneur. My musical hope and effort is to create music that inspires an inward journey to the place of beauty that I believe exists within everyone. I believe the world itself is Beauty expressed, but is made ugly when mankind does not nurture the Beauty inside himself, therefore, I seek to always nurture the beauty of life in all things that I do. I guess you could say I'm obessed with inspiration, creativity and vision. I'm practically interested in everything from music, poetry and art to all forms of technology, culture and nature. I am particularly fascinated with new ideas, inventions and emerging technologies that support a holistic and sustainable existence with Nature. I am a co-founder of the small, artisan tea company - Love & Tea. Co. that handcrafts organic, loose-leaf teas. Currently, I'm in the process of clarifying, re-designing and updating our company/product image.

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