Keith Seckel

HOSPICE NURSE: My work is helping people who are facing the last months of their lives find comfort and peace so they can die well. Along the way, they show me (and all of us!) how to live well. The main lesson they teach? We're all dying and living, simultaneously; right now, this very moment. Living well means simply embracing life a little bit more each day -- overcoming our fears about death is the first step.

RUNNER: I've experienced great personal growth through running long distances, repeatedly finding new places inside which are deeper & stronger than I ever thought possible. I've run a number of marathons and many half-marathons. As I continue to "run into my self" I've run one 50k & look forward to pushing the limits of my endurance by running 50 miles, then 100k and perhaps someday 100 miles.

CAN OPENER: A close friend once said: "You're like a guy who is always walking around with a can opener, looking for cans of worms...but in a good way!" That's how I became Can Opener Boy

TRANSLATOR: I've been told I have a knack for articulating complex, confusing ideas in simple, easy to understand terms. I suppose this makes me a translator, telling stories, using word pictures and analogies. I'm fluent in athletica, medicalese, and spiritual-ease.

PILGRIM: A few years ago I left religious insitutions behind, embarking instead on a spiritual journey of faith as a follower in The Way of Jesus. I'm seeking relationship with God, with my self, with others, and with the world around me.

BIO: Raised in the Pacific Northwest at the end of the Oregon Trail, I have a love for rain and all kinds of inclement weather -- the stormier the better. I currently live & work in the small river town of Salem, OR with my wife Cathy, our cat L'il Miss, and an inordinate amount of running gear.