Writer, Artist, Blogger, Musican, Trouble-maker.

I am now here: WWW.KEKW.ORG.

My nano record-label 19F3 is here: WWW.19f3.ORG

I am one third of improv electronics / noise band / 'art group' / object-hackers Hacker Farm.

Our album UHF is available here.

Our album POUNDLAND is available here.

These days am mostly on Diaspora* - private, non-monetised, open-source social media populated by friendly, interesting folks.

Comic strip series "1947" with artist Mike Dowling in 2000AD, Progs 1789 - 91 (Jun / Jul, 2012)

Am writing a new series for 2000AD at the moment (DEC 2013).

Am working on new creator-owned series with artist John M Burns. Also a new comic for IMAGE COMICS with Shaky Kane.