Ken "BIG" Blake

Hello my name is "BIG"

I am the founder of Blake Investment Group Corp which has 3 divisions.

1. Real Estate - Consulting, Residential, Commercial, Home & Land Sales, Management, Leasing, Rehab, Acquisitions, Modifications, Clean Outs, Trash Removal, Property Preservation ( & (

2. Media - InternetRadio: Our radio show has interviewed over 200 BIGthinkers from across the country. We have interviewed business owners, real estate gurus, finance industry professionals, entertainers, authors and trendsetters in their field. Our concentration is on building, sustaining wealth and motivating you to become a better YOU. (

3. Education - Personal Development, Business Development, GOAL Achievement, Financial Budgeting for Personal & Business, Realty Investing, Seminar Training etc.... our business is helping you to reach your G.O.A.L.S. (

My passion R.E.A.L.T.Y = Right Equity & Location To Yield.......

BIG = Belief In GOD

Building Investments Globally

Blake Investment Group