Kendra Minadeo

Growing up in rural Alberta, my mum worked in a box factory in the city, while my dad shlepped oil in Saudi Arabia. On the weekends, my mum wore cowboy boots, sang to country songs and broke some legs driving stock car.

My pops, when he was home, liked to rebuild trucks, remodel the house and make things out of wood. (Later he built a garage/workshop/man cave that was bigger than the house!) In the summer he nurtured a lush garden of peas, carrots and a wide array of flowers.

I of course, learned nothing of gardening or racing or building houses, but was given an acrylic paint set and told if I made a mistake just roll with it. Enter, HelloItsQuokka.

Before you ask, Quokka's are small marsupials from Austraila. They are considered the happiest creatures on earth.

Hello, I'm the Quokka. I'm not always happy, but when I am, I make #MailArt, Postcards, Comics and other delightful things. To follow my process and buy my wares please check out these slick clickable puppies:

Thank you, friends.

May a small bunny be forever by your bedside waiting for pets.


Kendra, the Quokka