kent kersey

"Observing Kent teach is like watching an intersection where Paul and Calvin meet Dwight Schrute and Bono."

I have been teaching theology-type classes at Corban Univieristy since 2002. (I came to Salem after getting my PhD in theology from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. Yes the actual diploma is bigger than diplomas from other states.)

I married my best friend, Terri, in 1983 and we have two awesome kids (Scott and Hannah), and two of the most outstanding grandsons (Harrison and Quillan) in the universe.

Courses I teach or have taught:

Undergraduate Courses:
Survey of Biblical Literature I and II
Christian Theology I and II
Theology of Worship
Reformation Theology
Christianity and Contemporary Culture
Contemporary Theology
Christian Worldview/Apologetics
Baptist Heritage
Graduate Courses:
God and His Word: Theological Foundations
Christ’s Redemption: Christ and Humanity
God’s People: The Spirit, the Church, and the Future
Grappling with Theological Issues (Special Topics covered: Sexuality,
Interacting with Contemporary Culture)