Kevin Williams

Kevin is an author, speaker, and stand up comedian. 

He was born in Missouri, served in the Navy, lived in five cities, worked with some corporate sociopaths, changed jobs to work with different sociopaths, was miserable so walked in one day and quit. He then grew a beard, and finally became his true self. All of this, so he could hone material for his craft and show the leaders and innovators the role that humor should play in their lives. He knows what it is like to attend a small liberal arts college having attended one in the South. Yet he also knows what it is like to attend a large university, having spent time in Palo Alto, California while sneaking away with an MBA from Stanford’s GSB. 

Kevin speaks from his soul and his journey is your journey. He came from a family where his parents did not attend college. And his personal struggle includes his mother passing from cancer when he was 21. He seeks to tell the brutal truth, as his message is based on real life experiences. His topics focus on not being labeled or confined, being honest with yourself, taking risks, emotional relationships, being vulnerable, and society’s ridiculousness. He has been seen in on CNBC, Fox, and even Lenny Kravitz’s “Come On Get It” music video. He was a semi-finalist in The 2010 Midwest Comedy Competition as a published writer, his articles have been in MSNBC’s and The Harvard Business Review. 

As a stand up comedian, Kevin performs at New York City comedy clubs including Caroline’s On Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, The Laugh Lounge, New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club and The Comic Strip Live. 

As a speaker, Kevin regularly tours colleges including Stanford University, Morehouse College, Columbia University and Hofstra University. In addition, he has spoken at many private companies and services his one-on-one clients consisting of professionals and students.