Kurt Griffiths

Hi there. I hack on cloud stuff at Rackspace. I'm a software architect and dev manager, as well as a dad, musician, writer and inventor.

In spite of my sister's advice to the contrary (and to her complete bafflement), I spent my entire life savings on a programming book at the age of 12, and began teaching myself how to write DOS programs in the basement of my parent's home. One thing led to another, and a few years later I found myself starting an indie game company with a friend. Over the years I've had the oppotunity to work in a variety of roles at companies including Novell, ExxonMobil, Microsoft, and several startups.

Somewhere in there, I also managed to graduate with a Computer Science degree from Brigham Young University, much to the disappointment of my music professor.

I currently work as a principal architect and cloud hacker at Rackspace.