Shawn Kibel

I am an educational technology professional and proud single father of 4 children: Cody Allen Kibel (b. 1995), Brooke Leanne Kibel (b.1997), Sarah Grace ("Gracie") Kibel (b.2006), and Christian James ("C.J.") Kibel (b. 2010).  The younger two live with me and keep my hands pretty full.  I grew up in Southern California and spent my early life there. I graduated from Garden Grove H.S. in 1990. After 2 years of playing football in college from 1990-1992, I joined the Marine Corps in 1993.  I served as a military police officer, marksmanship instructor, pistol range NCO, competitive shooter, and finally as a member of the Commanding General's staff before being discharged (honorably) at the rank of E-5 (sergeant) in May of 1999.  After the Marine Corps, I served as a finance executive with both Drive Financial Services and City Credit Union in Dallas, TX spanning 1999 to 2006. After the crash of the financial services sector I sought a career change and took a position as a help desk technician for Honey Grove ISD (a small school district in NE Texas) in September 2008.  I stayed there until moving on to Coppell ISD in October 2011 and continue to work there in education technology.  I am also the co-host of the popular education technology show, "The Tightwad Tech" as well as a partner and founder of the parent company, "Element Opie Productions".  Our weekly shows have several thousand viewers/listeners from 57 countries around the world.  Our network currently hosts five different shows ranging from edu-tech to healthy living to standard talk radio.  I enjoy working with technology, students, teachers, and broadcasting.  It has left me with more time with my children and the satisfaction that I am making a positive impact on our world.