Kim Perkins

More than a motivational speaker, Kim Perkins educates people about motivation so that they can keep their projects on track and have a good time doing it.

For morethan two decades, Kim has followed her passion as a motivator, change facilitator, teacher, speaker, writer, and publishing executive. A doctoral student in Positive Organizational Psychology studying at the Quality of Life Research Center headed by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi (the author of Flow and one of the founders of the Positive Psychology movement), Kim holds an MA from Claremont Graduate University in evaluation and applied research methods, and a BA in English from Oberlin College.

A former professional inline speed skater, she is a three-time winner of the 87-mile Athens-to-Atlanta race, the longest endurance event of its kind in the world. Kim is associated professionally with LF Leadership (Southern California) and Kim Sabo Consulting (New York City), and is co-author of The Total Question Workout. Her corporate clients have included Warner Bros. Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Contact Kim for lectures, workshops, individual and team coaching and project management consulting.