Kjell Pettersson


My specific focus is on the Royal Family of Sweden or, to be exact, on the royal descendants of the first Bernadotte king; Charles XIV John of Sweden (Karl XIV Johan).

More generally I am interested in astrological theory as such and, believe it or not, there is a connection between royalist and astrologist in there.


Of the links below Royalist Astrologist is my on-and-off astrological blog, kjellpettersson.com gives a bit more contact information than this page here at about.me gives and the page at Jux has slide-shows with ’royalist and astrologist’ material.

The link to Quora leads to my profile there as I have some astrology-related answers on Quora. The link to Pinterest to one of my galleries there which may perhaps be of interest to people who like astrology.