KJ Waters
I'm writing my first novel about wild and windy hurricanes and time travel based on the turbulent 2004 hurricane season in Florida. I hope to have out by hurricane season this year. My blog is named "Blondie in the Water" I use as therapy to deal with the hideous fact that I have been relocated far from the ocean for now (somewhat against my will). You can find the prologue to Stealing Time on my blog under Blondie in the Hurricane (May post) and the artwork for the cover on Blondie's Book Cover under the August. Click on the blog link below to connect directly to the blog. I'm totally addicted to twitter so you can usually find me there. You can also find me on Facebook and you can listen to several soundbites I've recorded on audioboo.fm under KJWaters about my life and the novel. You can find the links below. I have a Master's degree in Business (MBA) and I've lived all over the east coast of the US. I love to swim and if it's warm you can probably find me in my pool or hot tub if I'm not on the computer or chasing kids. If only I had a waterproof laptop!