Karen Lauritsen

I lead communications and public engagement programs at an academic library to creatively support teaching, learning and research. We make, document and share multidisciplinary, interactive experiences and stories. See what I mean on Boing Boing, Vimeo and Out Loud. Learn more about what CSU acadmic libraries are doing to support public education at libraries.calstate.edu.

I was excited to be named one of Library Journal's influential Movers and Shakers in 2014! I embrace:

  • Mentoring teams and delighting in what others invent.
  • Design thinking and problem solving.
  • Content creation as a critical way to communicate value.

When I worked in art and design education, I started a series of interviews with creative people about their processes. Two of my faves are with graphic designer Masaki Koike and 3D typographer Andrew Byrom.

I'm also an advisor for the adventurous TEDxUCLA where I gave a talk on how not knowing can inspire creativity.

Sometimes I blog at Maths and Arts.