Klint Finley

I'm a writer deciphering developer culture and emerging technology at Wired Enterprise. I also write a monthly column for TechCrunch, co-host the podcast Mindful Cyborgs with Chris Dancy and maintain the blog Technoccult.

I'm available to speak about any of my beats, or about journalism in general, at independent conferences and other events.

You can contact me at "me at klintfinley.com." If it's sensitive, you can send me an encrypted e-mail. My public GPG key is at the bottom of this page.

My key beats include:

  • Software development
  • Hacker culture
  • Open source
  • Code literacy
  • Big data and data science
  • Google Fiber and ultra-highspeed internet
  • Cloud computing (particularly PaaS)
  • The future of computing
  • The future of work

Some of my signature stories include: