Khadijah M. Britton, Esq.

Lived: Cambridge, Oakland, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Boston and Brooklyn.

Done: Made movies. Wrote stories. Edited magazines. Organized workers, doctors, patients, parents and students. Studied languages, education, theology and law. Received JD from Boston University. Founded BetterBio. Developed MadSciMag. Tweeted. A lot.

In Progress: Pivoting BetterBio to end school-to-prison pipeline. Writing on Medium. Helping launch LadyBits. Preparing for the 2015 Year of Science with COPUS. Just passed the New York bar exam. Looking for work - you hiring? Let's talk.

To Do: Get amazing job where I can apply my knowledge of the law, technology and movement-building strategies. Reconnect with all of my friends in New York. Write. A lot. Looking for writers? Here's my profile on Contently. In search of a compelling speaker? Here I am, presenting at Jeff Pulver's 140 Conference.