Koby Bryan

I do not play basketball... but I am a drummer, an artist, a voracious reader, and a dog lover. My ancestors were action-tested military men that came to Florida to help start a pre-Disney attraction called Cypress Gardens. They were the proud sons and daughters of both the tough Irish on one side; and Arkansas bootleggers on the other. My uncle was a magician, our neighbor owned a Bengal Tiger, I have been indirectly struck by lightning, and we had a dog that could climb trees so we built it a treehouse. I have had an unusual life, and plan to keep on living it to its fullest.

I was raised with a simple truth: Action speaks louder than words. I became a man by making it my personal mission to deeply understand, inspire and encourage the best from the people in my life.

I find myself most comfortable having a beer or good meal in the easy company of Outliers... my family and friends. I listen to a wide range of music; but I find my bliss in Jethro Tull and in the violins and harpsichords of classical music. With one foot in Eastern Europe, I enjoy technology and software, health and exercise, renovating houses, and having a good laugh!