Nick Kringas

Founder of SEO Spartan

Partner at Niko's Greek Taverna

A Brief History.... Nick grew up in the family restaurant business and now focuses on his passion of business development and internet marketing.

He is married to Stacey and has two beautiful children named Sofia and Chloe. They live in Westchester County, New York.


A Longer Story...

August 1979, Born Into Business

August 1997, Freshman Year at Syracuse University

May 2001, Graduation Day

Got My Real Estate License

April 2004, Location Found for Niko's Greek Taverna

June 2005, We Served Our First Guest at Niko's

July 2005, I Married the Love of My Life

May 2008, Sofia Was Born

July 2010, Chloe Was Born

Summer 2010, Bought Yanik's Book – Fell in Love with Internet Marketing


Going Full Time Online

My goal is to build my Internet Business part time until I replace my primary income and then to go full time. The target date for this goal, $100,000 per year from my online business, is April 1, 2013.

The two markets I will focus on serving are Local Business Owners and Internet Marketers.

My ultimate goal is to help men in their thirties better provide for their families by helping them start online businesses in their spare time.

1. I want to teach people how to earn their first $100 online in 60 days or less and then

2. help them build a real business online that puts $100,000 a year in their pocket.

I will get their first and then teach others how to do the same.


What am I working on today?

Visit and put your email address in the form.  Not only will you get my report, How to Get on Page One of Google, but you will also learn about my plans to dominate an already saturated niche helping thousands of people along the way.