Kristen McCusker

Kristen McCusker is 21-years-old and attends NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where she majors in Drama and is a student in the New Studio on Broadway studying Musical Theater. She transferred from Muhlenberg College, and attended her first year at NYU last year. She is a sophomore or second year within her major, a true junior in college, and a senior because she is graduating this year.

She grew up in Westford, Massachusetts where she was the third child of four in a family of six.

She adores quesadillas, apples, and bread. (But if you ever want to win her over, simply buy her a butterscotch, sometimes referred to as a butter rum, muffin.) Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Big Brother, and Boy Meets World are among her favorite TV shows. She loves music. And when I say "loves", I mean "LOVES". And if you haven't noticed already from this text, her favorite color is a glorious green.

She has a number of passions all that fall in the realm of "storytelling": acting, singing, dancing, writing, filmmaking, songwriting, composing, directing, playwriting, and writing/directing/filming/editing videos.

She loves: scrapbooks, making silly faces, waterfalls, having green nails, tigers, drinking tea at night, fire pits, hockey games, early plane flights, laser tag, the woods, harmonies, the raw dough rather than the baked product, arguing over who is the hottest Disney prince, bike rides, graham crackers in vanilla yogurt and bananas in cheerios, driving on the highway with the windows down, free cheese samples at the deli, nightly TV shows, swing dancing, dancing in general, writing things on paper then typing them on the computer, the small of salt and sunblock together, how happy little kids are, taking walks, laughter, optimism, friends & family, her iPod.

Smiling is among her favorite things to do.