kristel yoneda

Kristel Yoneda was in high school when she started telling people she was a writer. Of course, she wasn't really a writer back then. She was a socially awkward teenager who really loved daily journal writing in English and often scribbled lines of poetry in the margins of her Calculus homework. After nearly ten years of experience publishing her creative work and over five years of professional experience in marketing, she finally feels like a writer when she tells people about her work.

She was recently featured in the book It Gets Better edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller, based on the YouTube sensation of the same name. Since then, she has been interviewed by the Star Advertiser and the Pacific Citizen about her experiences growing up in Hawaii and her outreach efforts since posting her It Gets Better youtube video.

She is a contributing writer to the Hawaii Women's Journal and a four-time short-short story contest winner for Bamboo Ridge Press. She was also published in Bamboo Ridge Press' 100th Anniversary Issue released in 2012.

She is currently the Creative/Editorial Director at a web design company in LA and offers marketing and editorial services through her company, Dreamstate Advertising.