Kristina Bermudez

Constantly creating, exploring, and experimenting; finding balance between the analytics of dance and the pure sensation of movement. Curious in all aspects of dance and devoted to finding success in bringing significance to the audience. Equally and strongly interested in performance, choreography, and arts management. Kristina has her B.F.A in Contemporary Dance and Performance, Cum Laude from the Boston Conservatory (Class of 2014) and is a Jan Veen Scholarship Recipient. Before the Boston Conservatory, she attended highschool at Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, MA.

At the Conservatory, Kristina has worked with and performed works by a multitude of artists including Francesca Harper, Lorraine Chapman, Diane Arvanites, and Danny Buraceski; She has also performed a reconstruction of Twyla Tharp's Eight Jelly Rolls. Her latest performance included Fits of Hissy, choreography by Dwight Rhoden - she had the privilege to perform the final piano duet.

Kristina has performed the world premier of Darling Divide at the American Dance Festival, choreography by two-time Bessie Award winning dancer and choreographer Jodi Melnick. Kristina danced alongside Zoe/Juniper in The Devil You Know is Better Than The Devil You Don't at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Ma. In 2013, she was a member of the Touch Theory Dance Company (New York, NY), under the direction of Jennifer Montoya. She currently resides in Washington, DC where she is looking to create art.

Photo Cred: Liza Voll

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