Kristy C. Cartier

Marketing communicator who adds creative solutions to data-driven projects for B2B-oriented organizations. Main tools are email, social media, curating and community building. Skilled at developing and nurturing processes to harness an organization’s innovative chaos allowing it to flourish. Increased Twitter following 168% organically in two years for one client plus improved engagement. Created a revenue vehicle: a daily email digest with a 25% unique open rate. Generated local major network coverage for a client’s awards event.

I'm the person behind-the-scenes making sure the play is staged. I dig in the dirt to uncover great finds. My inquisitive nature drives me to look past page 1 of a Google search -- often uncovering what a client needs. Part introvert and part extrovert, I enjoy working with teams as well as having time to think.

Throughout my career I have marketed in various industries ranging from power utilities to CPG to merchant services. Passionate about volunteering, horses, house rabbits and weather. Bit of an Anglophile.