Kris Ward

My name is Kris Ward and I'm the founder of where I lead heart-centered entrepreneurs toward lucrative self-realization and deep self-care.

I empower people to do what they love without burning out or selling out, and still have their work fund their lifestyle of choice.

Through my Secret Sauce Society™ (a 9 month private coaching and group mastermind retreat program for entrepreneurial women), Lifestyle Design Coaching™ programs, mindful marketing trainings, live events and blog, I educate and inspire thousands of people out of painful conflict around money, self-sabotage, and inhibited self-expression into having the freedom and abundance to do what they love every day, and be more authentically themselves more of the time – in life AND in business.

I’m an advocate of deep self-trust and full self-expression––of NOT limiting ourselves by conforming to anyone ELSE’S opinions or belief systems, but instead tuning into to what’s REALLY alive in us and what's aching to be shared––and honoring that truth, no matter how scary or different it might be from the norm.

Whether I’m on the phone with a client, teaching a class or speaking in front of hundreds of people, the only thing I’m ever really doing is reminding people to be precious to themselves. Helping them remember their value, brilliance and uniqueness; that when it comes to life, they really CAN’T get it wrong. They really can feel their way through to their own greatest freedom and truth. Everything they desire CAN be theirs if they're really ready to make the decision to create it. Ultimately, I give people the clarity, nourishment, support, and sometimes the kick in the pants they need to start living their lives by design, not by default; by choice, not by chance.