Kurt von Schleicher

Fairly casual. Might wear socks. | Been lame at comedy and golf but Kurt still tries his best. | Been called "Infidel" from some in the East, and "Google Tester" from some in the West.. as well as "Surfer-dude," or "Hey you, Christian!" He's a "Connector"—a vertical motivator if you will, for the sake of WELL-being and behavioral alteration. | Kurt has been employed as a Freelance Writer and Speaker. Founder of Fish4Souls.org for the purpose of helping to address a world-wide need that all can JOYOUSLY join in meetin' to their own betterment! Perhaps you're interested in finding out more, specifics, or would simply like to check on Kurt's speaking availability? Direct: 214-810-6239 kurtwvs@facebook.com