Kwende Kefentse

Born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, Kwende is currently living and working in Ottawa, Canada's capital. Fascinated by cities, his various professional ventures reflect different explorations and investigations into how they function, with a particular focus on culture and space.

He was formerly a journalist for the Ottawa Xpress, and a guest author on Richard Florida's Creative Class Exchange, writing regularly about how cultural scenes develop and function in cities. His independent research about the active role of spatial configuration and urban design in structuring the emergence of Hiphop culture has contributed to the NFB's Highrise project, and has made him a sought after speaker.

Kwende currently works with of a small but mighty award winning team of cultural developers, stewarding the City of Ottawa's council approved Renewed Action Plan for Arts, Heritage and Culture (2013 - 2018). He is the principal author at Hiphop in the City, a site that continues to explore Hiphop's connections to the history and future of urbanization. His talk on the subject was named 'Best Arts Talk of 2012' by regional arts blog Adobe Airstream.

Kwende is also DJ Memetic.

Photo Credit: James Park Photography