Leigh Ann Dufurrena

Thanks for learning about.me.

I'm a social media specialist and web content creator in beautiful Boise, Idaho. I love our community and support it's growth in being one of the most livable and loveable places in the west.

I follow popular culture and tech; dream about spending more time in Sayulita, Mexico; dislike buzzwords and chicken. In love and married to someone even geekier than myself, we have one kitty with more character than all of the internet cats combined.

Find me on Twitter @ladufurrena, I tweet daily!

I've been fortunate to work for great companies like Neurolux Inc., Carew Co., Red Sky PR and now Boise State University, my alma mater. I sit on the resource council for Trey McIntyre Project, a Boise-based international multi-media creative organization that is the future of art and culture collaboration in Boise and around the globe.

See my full professional chops on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/ladufurrena.