Lance   Lemen

Here are some exciting, but possibly unimportant, facts

• First name is not actually Lance. (Trust me, I was confused at first too.)
• Account and Project Manager at Red Letter Communications for over five years
• Project Manager at UPBrand Collaborative since January 2013
• Stand-in for Joseph Gordon-Levitt in “Killshot.” Basically a straight-to-DVD flick
• Born and raised in “The Middle of Everywhere,” the lovely Rolla, Missouri
• Participant in an attempt for the Guinness World Records largest group hug
• Frisbee-er – ultimate and disc golf. Love the fun, exercise and drinking of beer
• Computer skills from Excel to Illustrator. Versatile, like a software José Oquendo
• Enjoys a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch almost everyday. Can’t stop
• Has never experienced a brain freeze. This may actually be my superpower

Oh, and one of the incredibly interesting facts above is not true. If you can guess which one, I'll give you a virtual high five! Learn even more from my other social links and profiles below.