Lars-Erik Robinson

Short version: Freelance Illustrator, Caricaturist (studio and Live), Portrait artist, Fine-art, Concept art, Animation, Story boards, Murals, and Chef. Now that is what I do for a living, but I love my family, Jesus my savior, movies, music, and drawing, drawing and more drawing!

Lars started doodling his teachers, copying his favorite comic book characters at an early age of 8 years old, and he used to escape the cold living of Sweden where he lived from 1979-89, by constantly staying inside creating his art! The quick drawing and painting style for Lars is a credited to the early involvement in the 80’s Hip-Hop movement, where he did break dancing, experimented with the music, but was mostly attracted to the graffiti art scene. He did create illegal street art that had to be done very fast, soon there after he would be getting in trouble with crimes, drugs etc. He later moved to Florida, USA where his father lived and he was the one that recommend he should go to Ringling College of Art and Design, so that he could earn his BFA in Illustration in 1994. While in a figure class the was a fellow artist named Tim McKenna, that told him that he could draw Caricatures and have some fun, but mostly make a buck or two. When he graduating College, got married, he started struggling trying to do his full time freelance Illustrations. He was allowed to draw Caricatures of guest waiting to eat at Lovelock’s Seafood House on Clearwater beach on weekends. Soon he started working as a chef in corporate Cafeterias, so that he could do live gigs and retail Caricatures. Short there after set up retail booths at Pier 60 Sunset Festival on Clearwater Beach, where he still works occasionally. He has built clients all over the country and the world, by performing his Art-Tainment (live Caricatures). He has a show that is very interactive, he is able show his passion of his art, that is intertwined with finding out what his guest’s passions are! So if you want a professional, entertaining, and a unique artist experience book Lars for your event!