Laura Ashton

After a chilldhood in Truro, Nova Scotia and a university degree at McGill in Montreal, Laura embarked on her lifelong love of marketing. She worked in FMCG marketing and sales before following her dream and moving to Asia to experience and contribute to the buzz and growth that characterised Bangkok in the '90s. A one-year gig turned into 7 exciting years in advertising, incuding running her own marketing consulting firm. Laura made some friends for life in Bangkok, learned Thai and Scottish country dancing. She was also heavily involved with an important Bangkok slum/AIDS charity. A major oil company offered her an amazing opportunity and she lept at the chance to move to Holland, and later London and Singapore in a series of ever-rising regional and global leadership and marketing roles. A great highlight was meeting brilliant robotics PhD husband, Martin, along the way and building a life together. Now in Singapore nearly a decade, Laura has become a well-known member of the Asia Pacific marketing community, having led teams in consumer durables and electronics businesses, and has recently joined one of the world's most admired management consulting firms. She been invited to speak, write and judge for important marketing publications and competitions. In 2013 she was named among The Internationalist's Asia50 top marketing leaders. She was recently accepted as a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors, readying to serve on the boards of listed companies. Travel, cooking, wine, art, friendship, books, the gym, becoming increasingly absorbed by the potential of digital in all aspects of life occupy Laura's time.