Laura Bergerol

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area where it's never below 40 degrees and rarely above 80. Laura moved to New Orleans because of her love for 100 degree temp days, 100% humidity, wee bug beasties that are bigger than cats, and hurricanes (you get to decide if its the alcoholic version that she prefers.) She loves thrift stores, cheese, wine, sunshine, building her collection of jeans and sundresses and buying more books than she can possibly read. When she is not online, you can usually find her somewhere with her large camera wrapped around her neck like a fashion accessory. Laura is an unconventional photographer; she captures life around her as it happens and her photos tend to be spontaneous and playful! She would defy you to attempt to pigeonhole what type of photographer she is; portraits and headshots today, stock photos tomorrow, and even the occasional landscape can be found in her photo collection. Laura has a big heart and is known for giving too much of her time to charities that she believes in, often to the detriment of her bank account. She is fluent in French, dog speak amd food and she can make a mean margarita, if the need arises.