Laura Witjens

A driven pragmatic no-nonsense change maker with a 3D approach:

Dutch, Direct and Delivers

I'm the Chief-Executive of the National Gamete Donation Trust. Funded and supported by the UK Department of Health we run and are responsible for:

* Raising awareness for egg, sperm and embryo donation

* Managing the contact and DNA register for donor-conceived and donors pre-August 1991

* The UK National Sperm Bank - to be launched in October 2014 With a background in project management, sales and marketing

I got involved in the field of donor-conception in 2004. This followed from being an altruistic egg donor after the birth of my girl/boy twins (1998). Through my own experience, active involvement in the various national initiatives and having the privilege to speak to many donor-conceived, donors and patients, I have an all-round and thorough understanding of the complex practical, legal, social, ethical and emotional issues to do with gamete donation.

A no-nonsense pragmatic approach combined with a direct 'say it as it is' attitude, allows me to drive the changes needed on donor-conception issues on national level. My visionary out of the box thinking is fuelled by a belief that pretty much everything is possible if you put enough energy behind it. Above all a team builder who is grateful for her own family life and wants to support those less fortunate.