Lawrence Schwartz
I have always had a passion for starting businesses that other people might not think are cool. From a lemonade stand (okay, not visionary), to door-to-door computer services. From Internet technical support, to becoming the CEO of a vitamin beer company (that was cool). For the past couple years I have been the leading the charge at Trivie – the category leader for mobile trivia games. As far as family, that is a story in itself. I grew up with three brothers and I have amazing parents that have stood shoulder to shoulder for 61 years. My mom survived the Holocaust and my father was a captain in the Army. Needless to say, there was not a shortage of stories in my home. My true passion is my immediate family. I have an amazing and talented wife (singer/songwriter Jackie Leigh) and three fantastic children – Cole ('rock star' in the band Drayter), Cameron (the 'dancer'), and Shelby (miss personality). Thank goodness for texting, iChat, SUV’s, and ready made meals! Lastly, I am a brain tumor survivor and cherish every experience that comes my way. (Oh yea. I am a huge fan of Metallica, scared of the Boggy Creek Monster and have written two internationally published fitness books. There. Now you know about me :)