Leanne Macduff

Hello. My name is Leanne, and I am 28 years old. I love writing, books, film, hip-hop and generally creating something awesome. Last year, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to start many great things; I even featured in The Metro a few times, met lots of cool people, and became the only Scottish can-start creative pioneer of 2012. This year, I'm still winning and finishing off my first novel, The Perfect Fit. If you don't like the term chick-lit, then I write popular fiction. I am besotted with film, and will one day make great movies that win awards. You may find me @ leannemacduff.com very soon, or you may find me over @ Brand Me Social Blog, where I like to talk about brands, social and customer servcice. Or aternatively, @ The Social Exchange Blog where I liked to encourage, inspire, and share my thoughts about many things.

I love to write sparkling copy, brainstorm fresh ideas and help businesses bridge the gab between the consumer, the employee and the business itself; with great social content. I now live in London, and looking to work with a great company who could use the service of an excellant writer, communicator, and/or social savvy chick. I make a sweet cup of tea, and a mean white chocolate banana bread! ; ) I am dedicated, driven and a solid investment; especially when it comes to eating ice cream. : )