Lee McGavin

I was born and raised in Bristol, England, thankfully without the Bristolian accent (Let's be honest, not the most soothing accent). I spent my younger years in school with a little bit more of a keen mind for education than the other kids. And loosened up (maybe a little too much) when I moved schools. I decided that I wanted to see the world, to travel; And so I saved up and left. I had this passionate appetite for it and so went on a 3 month trip to Japan, Australia and finally New York in the summer of my 19th birthday. But upon returning home, the majority of my friends began to leave Bristol for university. I didn't feel that university was right for me at the time but I didn't want to be stuck in Bristol, so I moved to London. I was picked up by a modelling agency whilst I dawdled about Oxford Street back when I was 16 years old and ever since I had been working part-time for them. So I took it up full-time by moving to the big smoke. I didn't do much, just enough to get by! I don't think I'd ever be able to be good enough for the industry anyway because of my sweet tooth and the fact it's more of a demanding lifestyle than a job! After five years of keeping the fat at bay, I quit. And now I live in Paris, working as an English instructor and trying desperately to learn the language so I can fit in. Now that you're up to date, know this: I still have no direction nor idea of what I want to do, but overall not too worried!