Leemor Chandally

How can we increase opportunities for chance interactions in cities through civic innovation?

As an urban planner and lover of cities, I have taken this on as my current mission question. With a firm belief that life happens in public space, the themes I explore include placemaking, urban revitalization, and the third place (the public domain that is neither work nor home).

Born and raised in NYC, I did my undergraduate studies in Montreal, then moved to Tel Aviv where I lived for seven years. While there, I completed a master's in Urban & Regional Planning at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology.

As a LEED-certified urban planner, I have addressed a wide range of urban development issues, having worked in economic development, environmental planning and urban revitalization. In my current home base in NYC, I work on urban revitalization initiatives with an economic development corporation, and lead various events and projects related to urban development, and public spaces in particular, through URBAN SPACEship - an organization that I created. I'm passionate about getting people to collaborate on projects to make our cities and neighborhoods more vibrant and innovative.

Today, I'm particularly interested in the intersection of urban planning, civic engagement and technology. Specifically, how can we use technology to learn from people, processes and developments across the globe and collaboratively propel new developments in the public realm.