Lena del Sol C. Langaigne
Lena del Sol C. Langaigne is the sole developer of LDS Academic & Creative Writing Services -- a small business born from a deep-rooted desire to assist others upon recognizing that many (if not most) people struggle with the concise translation of creative thought and expression onto paper. An avid reader and writer, Lena has had a lifelong love affair with the written word and prose, having written her first fiction novel at the tender age of 13. She has written countless research papers, essays, blog entries and articles with a penchant for topics relating to Community Issues/Culture relative to NYC, Public Housing in NYC, LGBTQ Issues, Education and provides resources for Social Service receipients, Non-Profit employment seekers and students. In 2009 Lena was honored to be featured as a participant in accomplished New Jersey photographer Herb Way's photography book project, "Portraits of Eve: Women of Color Share their Body/Soul Conversations". She provided readers with an authentic and unconcealed glimpse into her childhood and distant past with thoughtful reflection by way of both a visual and written narrative. In addition to freelance writing, Lena's passions also lie in community, volunteer and social justice causes. Having worked and volunteered in New York City's LGBTQ homeless sector for several years and currently works at Urban Upbound (formerly ERDA) as the HR Manager and Assistant to the CEO, Bishop Mitchell G. Taylor. She is currently working on her first memoir. Want to work with, hire or just say "hi" to Lena? E-mail her here.