I am constantly trying to give my life something that vaguely resemble a meaning by creating, creating and creating. That allows me to keep that impending sense of doom away when I go to bed at the end of a long day.

I was born and lived my teen years in a small village of the lovely Sicilian countryside. Despite living on the mountainside of a volcano provided entertaining amusements, like the company of sheep and shepherds and the occasional lava eruption, I decided to move to England.

I studied at the National Centre for Computer Animation in UK and loved every minute of it. I partecipated in the BFX, the UK's first visual effects and animation competition for students, and now I am working in the Animation & VFX Industry, spreading my love for cubes.

Among those things I mentioned I create to keep my mind sane are animations, games, stories and ways to make people laugh a little bit more every day.