Leonard P. Miller

The summer (2014) took a different turn when I crashed on my bike. Summer then will allow me A LOT of rest, and I am looking forward to more concentrated training especially preparing for PD during the school year, and adding to the classes I will teach. This is fun and I MISS my physicality!!

My journey has taken me from the “art work” that I thought training and coaching was exclusively defined as, to an understanding that there is far more science to effective development and delivery of instruction.

In adult life, we fortunate ones, find our areas of skill and passion, and we practice our craft there. I am committed to conducting training and learning in the same way; with the customer as the center of instruction and me providing a support role using all the modern tools available.

http://beknown.com/leonardpmiller for a thumbnail of my professional profile. For a copy of my resume please see: http://jresume.com/leonardpmiller.