Liberty Carras Kelly

I'm most proud of my family and grateful for the friends, mentors, colleagues, and coaches I've had the ability to learn from and grow with throughout my life. As a Northern California native I grew up swimming competitively and raising Arabian horses, an amazing contrast and compliment to Connecticut where I now reside. I love to cook, indoor cycle, but more than anything, to spend time with the love of my life, Jason and our beautiful sons, Declan and Jack.

Professionally, I am a former media executive recognized for motivational leadership, exceptional problem solving skills, and for the ability work within start up environments as well as large organizations. I've been known to embrace both the art and science of digital media and for my ability to translate often complex scenarios into digestible and sellable assets. I carry with me a history of effectively scaling revenue and building organizations with a razor sharp focus on people, skills and professional development.

I believe success in life and in business is achieved with the right passion, accountability, creativity and teamwork. It begins with preparation, and can be measured in more than numbers alone -- earn the right, ask the tough questions, and never lose sight of the end goal.

I believe that people count and families matter. That everyone should have the opportunity to create and build their own family, no matter the composition of it's parents. That the equality of our gender/race/place in society should not preclude any of us from opportunity to succeed. And that with hard work, determination and focus, anything is possible.