Liesbeth de Smit - de Lange

Owner Tulip Business Support & Business Partner @TCWorks & @MentalTCenter | Social Media Support(er) | Verbindingsofficier / Connector | Exploring Talents & Pushing Limits #hiring #jobs #vacancies #recruiting #coaching #connecting #events #rotterdam #ilovemusic

Besides doing my work as an entrepreneur, being a proud wife, mom and friend, I love music! 'Music is the gospel to my soul' (James, D-Train, Williams) but Disco from the 70's and 80's is my favorite! 'What would you do without your music. Where would you be without a song?!'

'Like no other person Liesbeth can touch people by her enthusiasm, authenticity and positive attitude. She uses her talents creativily by organizing inspiring events, getting things done to attract new business and working out new, sometimes fabulous, ideas for the Mental Training Center and other companies she supports from her company Tulip Business Support. She's like a fish in water with social media, PR and marketing. Her diversity of contacts from children to CEO’s, from the garbage-man to famous artists, makes her an excellent connector and the most valuable CMO for the MTCenter. Besides my most valuable CMO she’s the mother of my sons, Lars & Sven (18 & 15) and we are happily maried for almost 20 years now.

Feel free to contact her if you want to know more about our mission to make the world a better place by using the Power of a Positive Mindset. We coach, train and educate and we're open to any collaboration.

Ruud de Smit, proud husband and CEO of the Mental Training Center


'Liesbeth kan als geen ander mensen raken en binden vanuit haar enthousiasme, authenticiteit en positieve instelling. Haar talenten liggen bij het organiseren van inspirende events en het op- en in de markt zetten van nieuwe business via haar bedrijf Tulip Business Support. Zij is als een vis in het water met social media, promotie en marketing. Haar diversiteit aan contacten maakt haar een uitstekende verbindingsofficier en een waardevolle CMO voor het Mental Training Center. Zowel haar werk- als levenservaring gebruikt ze ook als personal coach voor vrouwen (empowerment), kinderen en artiesten'.

Ruud de Smit, trotse echtgenoot en directeur MTCenter