Lauren Hayes

The past year I've been ill and more diagnostics and treatment to go. Hasn't been fun.

I love the outdoors, hiking, travel; normally do trips 2x/year; now not since Spring 2010. Goal is to do these things I love again soon, and to get well.

I'd been a dedicated, capable, web/IT professional. I loved my job. My work was also an interest, so I was happy to work hard, to learn more etc. It was fulfilling and a source of enjoyment. I miss that.

After 10yrs I had to resign Aug 2012. Had follow-ups/diagnostics scheduled; surgery to occur; health to prioritize.

I remain fortunate in many ways despite tough times now.

Deric is a loving, committed life-partner & best friend. He's a good, honest, selfless person who cares deeply for me.

I'm also now closer with my family, especially my mom.

Real friends emerged and stuck by me. Others showed true colors and took off.

There is always a silver lining. I always look for it.

Note: I'm lilydalelah, a usernane unique to me for 10 years, until smear-campaign began. Please don't confuse the impersonator/cyberstalker who launched attaks to defame around 3/2011. This person has also impersonated my legal name, applicable keywords, real personal data mixed with smears to create lies that appear as me (a terrible fictitous version).

Deric was impersonated in his legal name since spelling is so unique.

Tactics change/escalate over time. I see this clearly.

The perpetrator is a disturbed individual working a malicious vendetta & refuses to move on.

All who know us should see clear distinction: We have scruples. We're honest, ethical, educated IT professionals. If content doesn't reflect that, it's not us.

We didn't go crazy, become mean, turn into morons. We don't engage in disgusting, tasteless behavior, watch p0rn, or harbor sordid secrets.

We're happily-monogamous; we respect & love each other. We don't cheat, lie, or behave in amoral ways. We don't post personal medical comments "disgusting" in topic matter (those are smears; malicious SEO linking me to keywords).

We're nice people.

If content from "us" falls into these categories or seems "off", it's smear content.

I must ignore it to prioritize my health, but it's damaging & dangerous. I need your help and hope you contact me re anything suspicious. Thanks.

Lauren (Lilydalelah)