Linda Heavner Gerald

Linda is retired and lives with her husband in Florida. She is a retired Registered Nurse with a background in Real Estate as well. Currently she is in the process of writing her sixth novel. Her first novel, Beaufort Betrayal, is set in the seaside village of Beaufort, North Caolina. The protagonist, Tory, finds herself immersed in a web of lies and deceit by her fiance as well as her best friend. Finally thinking that she has obtained true friendship to help her out of the danger, she only discovers more betrayal. You will love the chapters on Wrightsville Beach, Palm Beach as well as Beaufort and Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Sail along on the beautiful yacht, Honey, as you forget your worries and concerns for a short time.

The second book, Rosemary Beach, is truly a tale of love with again the surprise of intrique and betrayal. The ending of this book will surely surprise you. You are once again transported to a life of wealth and comfort. Sail with Rosemary from a life of mediocrity to that of priviledge aboard the sea-worthy " Ruth." Your mind will visit Rosemary Beach, Florida, one of the most beautiful beaches and neighborhoods in the world; as well as the very prestigious Linville, North Carolina. If you are dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one, you may discover a way to help you handle the pain. Start your own "Rosemary's Group."

Her third book was Dusty the Island Dog. A true tale about two real dogs in Abaco, Bahamas. She and her husband once walked the beach with Dusty and Winston. They are true legends even today. This book would be a great gift for a child who has experienced trauma. In the book, Dusty must learn that life goes on even though she misses her mother. Dusty is for anyone who has dreamed of island life. A tale for the child in all.

Longing for another visit to beautiful Italy? Will He? transports you to Frascatti Italy. This is where Laura Lombardi was sent on the death of her parents. Aunt Sophia was unknown to Laura but she taught Laura what real family love is all about. Laura also learned a hidden secret about her many male ancestors. Her family was sprinkled with famous and infamous painters but many of those held a freightening history.

Till Heaven Then Forever is about Brian and Lily. They were the golden couple. Life was good for them. Living on the beautiful island of Abaco, Bahamas, they had it all or did they? Even paradise can't guarantee happiness. Bri