My name is Lincoln. I'm a designer specializing in motion graphics, video editing, logo design & illustration. My advisory team consists of two cats, Nancy & Chud. I can also be seen handling bizarre objects with fascinating histories on the Science Channel's educational reality series, "Oddities San Francisco" -- Season 2. I like to take photos with an old Polaroid from 1968. I also like to train Jiu-Jitsu, deface surfaces, play pranks on the painfully unimaginative & poke fun at other easy targets. Gary Busey is my spirit animal. I also slay unicorns. You might say, "Unicorns don't exist." It would appear that way. Many are gone. The few that are left are hiding. That's because I do my job well. If you have a malignant unicorn problem, I'm your guy. Any questions regarding casting & appearances should be presented to David Ferreria at Mark Music & Media at the link provided below.