Lindsay Strouse

Lindsay is a strategic marketing professional with wide-ranging expertise across the digital landscape. She maintains a strong interest in developing studies and brand plans that will impact the continued intersection of culture and technology.

Prior to graduating from New York University in 2013, she held several positions in the advertising and marketing industry that spanned multiple departments, including Account Management, Strategic Planning and Analytics. Each experience has encourage her to do more to understand and evaluate the current state of the industry, as well as look for opportunities to improve it.

Strong passions include:

  • Understanding the intersection of technology and psychology in various communities and cultures (and observing the effects of said intersection)
  • Connecting the most inspiring pieces of data and features around the world and turning it into tangible experiences for others
  • Traveling and capturing moments that otherwise may never occur again
  • Ultimately creating positive changes for the betterment of others

In a nutshell, I'm living life by the following mantra:

Observe. Think. Do.

(Above order not necessary)