Lisa Moreno

Devoted mom, author, executive producer, President/Founder for What melts my heart is a child's laughter. What breaks my heart is anyone suffering ESP children!!!

DAME= Determined Ambitious Mom Endlessly working for a CURE and ways to help all children with CAID(Childhood AutoInflammatory Diseases)/SAID(Systemic AutoInflammatory Diseases)

When receiving a diagnosis of Atypical Blau syndrome for my son, not having a prognosis giving over an adult dose of off label injections and knowing it took 19.5 months to dx I coined CAID to help all children suffering with an autoinflammatory disease. Instead of focusing on the name of his disease, I focused on the mechanism of the disease, so we could help other children who sufffer. StopCAIDnow is the VOICE for the children, families and Doctors.

CAID is not one disease, we cover over 30 from A-typical Blau Syndrome, CRMO, Wegeners, Behcets..StopCAIDnow is the first one to cover all AutoInflammatory Diseases
Our mission is to-Educate, Provide Awareness, and Fund Researchers/Projects who are committed to finding a CURE. We are equally focused on the self esteem of the children with CAID and helping the families by giving them "TRUE HOPE"
StopCaidnow,Inc. is focused on providing tools to better educate Doctor's and the community on Childhood AutoInflammatory Diseases. Treatments will help alleviate the inflammation process and the pain that comes with it. The need for proper diagnosis is urgent for the prognosis of these diseases. If left untreated damage to the tissues, organs and vision(for some) will not only be irreversible, but devastating.
The foundation works amongst the top Doctor's and Pathologist globally, who are researching better ways to treat, educate, and find a cure for CAID.

StopCAIDnow,Inc. is proud to announce a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic in which we developed a CME Modules and CD that is dedicated to educating others about Childhood Auto Inflammatory Diseases.

StopCAIDnow, Inc is proud to announce the First National Evaluation Clinic for CAID(Childhood AutoInflammatory Diseases) at the Cleveland Clinic. This clinic is a remote place for all children and CIAD adults with SAID(Systemic) and those yet to be Diagnosed. PLEASE YOU can donate online @
StopCaidnow,Inc. is the VOICE for the children suffering, and the Doctor's who are dedicated to helping the cause